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Let’s start our day with something fresh and healthy. It’s not a traditional Greek breakfast but it’s particularly light, full of energy.
Fruits’ nutritional value is known to everybody and in many countries it is a basic breakfast choice.
Fruit salad with banana, strawberries & pears.
The truth is that climatic conditions affect our nutrition.  People in countries with cold weather, for sure they need more calories in order to complete every day’s tasks.  The warmer the weather is, our need for calories is decreased and the need for water is bigger.  Except of these fundamental needs, based on the weather conditions, our choice of breakfast is influenced by a number of other reasons.  The information given by the social media, tv etc. is vast and everybody is acknowledged that our lifestyle demands our attention on health and nutritional matters.
Pollution, stress, a falling apart planet by our own hands, lead us to search for quality sources of food.


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