I open this New Year’s cooking season with Vasilopita because it symbolizes the meaning of sharing, giving and the good fortune!

We prepare this sweet bread every new year’s eve and we cut it into pieces just after the new year’s in. We call a piece for Santa, family, health and for every person is present.

Before we bake, we put a coin into the pastry. If you find it into your piece, you are the lucky one of the year.photo-collage-maker_hojpot.png.png

Simple ingredients but first of all don’t forget the coin (it’s the most important). Wrap it with cling film.

We use fresh butter because it gives a beautiful aroma to vasilopita. But if you prefer to use margarine instead, it ain’t make a deference for the success of the recipe.


The real aroma comes from Gum Mastic powder, Mahleb powder & Vanilla powder.


In a bowl we mix all dry ingredients. It’s important not to mix them all together (dry & liquids) but separately, firstly.


In another bowl we mix warm milk, fresh butter & eggs.


After we mix all the ingredients (dry & liquids), we begin to knead the pastry for 4′- 5′.


For the shape we want we use a medium sized, circular, baking pan. Mine has glass bottom & silicon round.


After a 1/2 hour we have a fluffy pastry ball, ready to put it in the baking pan and let it for 40′ to rise more. But before that, we “hide”the coin into the pastry.

At this point we are ready to bake we spread a yolk of one egg on the top.This is for the color and shine.


We bake in a preheated oven at 180° C for almost an hour, we have this sweet bread ready. And now you can see what the yolk did!


Time to prepare the icing for the decoration. Two tablespoons lukewarm water & one cup icing sugar.


Mix them well and you will have this gummy icing!

And now we must wait until the New Year’s in, to gather all together arount the table, exchange cordial and sincere wishes and cut vasilopita into named pieces.


The winner takes it all! Luck, health, wisdom, prosper, success… all the wishes of the world!


Honestly, this picture above is mine!. So, I hope good luck is on my side this year.

I wish you all Happy New Year!

If you like to try it, you will need these:


500gr flour (3 cups)

200gr icing sugar (1 cup)

7gr dried yeast

180gr lukewarm milk (3/4 cup)

80gr butter (room temperature)

2 eggs

1 pinch of salt

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

1 pinch of mastic gum powder

1/4 tsp mahleb powder


In a bowl we put all the dry ingredients: Flour, sugar, dried yeast, salt, vanilla powder, mastic gum powder, mahleb powder.

In another bowl we put lukewarm milk, butter, eggs and we mix them and add them to the first bowl. We begin to knead the pastry for 4′- 5′. Cover with a towel and let it rise for 30′- 40′.

After that we put the pastry into the baking pan and let it for another 30′.

We spread one egg yolk on the top.

We bake in preheated oven at 180° C for almost an hour.

Bon Appetit!




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