MEDITERRANEAN TRIADWheat – olive oil – wine
Also cereals – barley ( for making bread)
Cereals accompanied with cabbage, onions, lentils and chickpeas.
Meat and seafood consumed in accordance with their financial situation.
It also had to do with whether they lived, in the city or the countryside
or by the sea.
Greeks consume particularly the milk products and especially cheese.
The butter was known, but instead mainly used olive oil.

The food is accompanied wine mixed with

For the ancient Greeks there were three meals.
1. AKRATISMOS: Barley bread dipped in wine, served with figs and olives.

2. ARISTON: Served at noon or early afternoon.

3. DIPNON: (DINNER) The most important meal of the day. Generally
consumed after night had fallen.
Extra added another light lunch late afternoon.
Finally » Aristodipnon» was a normal meal that could be served late afternoon
in place of dinner (dipnon).



At the private receptions in ancient Greece, women did not eat together with men.
Their place in the family was lower than men and slightly above  the servants.

So,  if their home was not big, men had priority on dinning and when they
completed their meal, women could eat.
According to Aristotle, if there were no servants in a house their work was
substituted by women and children.
Houses were equipped with rectangular tables and people
were eating seated on chairs.
Dishes and glasses were made of clay.

There were no forks,  but they used their fingers to catch the food.
They had some type of spoons for soups.
Knives were used to cut the meat.
After years the utensiles were improved.

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