During the festive season, I must present you this. It’s an easy sweet mandarine pie.

I tasted it, many years ago. My mum’s best friend made this and I always was very excited when I was invited for coffee and treat.

I always thought that is a very complicated recipe but I was wrong. It’s so easy, even a child can make it.


Not many ingredients. You need few simple things.  I’m sure you already t have them at home.

Mandarine: A seasonal fruit with excellent flavor and aroma.  Sunflower, icing sugar, baking powder & vanilla powder.


One packet pastry dough cutted  like serpentine with scissors. Place it into a glass baking pan (pyrex).

Mix sunflower with sugar & vanilla powder. Add mandarine juice, baking powder and you have a porridge that smells wonderful!

Pour the porridge over the cutted pastry dough & let it for 30′.

After that you are ready to the oven at 160° C and bake for 1h.

When your pie is ready, it’s time to prepare the syrup.

3 cups water, 2 cups sugar, 1 tbs fresh lemon juice boilled for 10′.

With a scoop you start to pour the hot syrup.

You let the pie for at least 12 hours as it is the time needed for baked dought absorb  the syrup.  The more you let it, the better it gets!



1 packet pastry dough (filo)


1 cup sunflower

1 cup icing sugar

Fresh juice of 3 mandarines

1 tsp vanilla powder

1 tsp baking powder


3 cups water

2 cups sugar

1 tbs fresh lemon juice



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