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Nothing wins effortlessly.
One of the key problems in the diet is the use and abuse of sugar.
It’s so addictive when you get used to it, you want more and more.
This has to do with the pleasure that is caused when we eat sugar.
Is a matter of training and effort to replace that habit.

It’s not easy but it can be done gradually.
Certainly can not be compared with a sweet a fruit in the eyes
of people who are addicted.
But with an effort they can change their choice.
We all can.


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It is time to limit fat.
You don’t need to be deprived of the taste since fat does not really make
our food tasty.
You can enjoy all foods without discrimination suffices to note the amount
of fat.
Meaning that the use of olive oil mainly shoulder is the ideal.
Fats like butter animal origin mainly , is good to avoid.
There is butter plant origin that we can consume.
Olive oil is good to enters measured at the end of cooking.
Frying it is not necessary.
The fried foods can be replaced by dishes cooked in the pot
or in the oven.


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50% of saccessful weight loss is proper hydration.
Daily intake of water should be 1.5-2 liters.
In this quantity don’t include other liquids.
It is very important to change the habit of excessive consumption
of coffee which cause fluid retention in the body.
Order to elimate these liquids, need three times the amount of water.
Instead , tea is a beverage without calories and can help tremendously.
Soft drinks also causes fluid retention and give a lot of calories.
The choice of light drinks is ideal.
So next time you’ll be thirsty think carefully what you’ll drink.


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For a balanced diet you don’t need anything else than to renounce fat and calories,
but this does not mean that we’ll lose the taste and delight.
The basic rule is to hydrate body properly with adequate water intake.
The continuous abstinence from water can cause kidney problems,
as well as electrolyte imbalance.
Less risky but also important is the poor image of the skin as well as
the appearance of cellulite.


Τα αποτελεσματα της κακης διατροφης δεν φαινονται μονο στη ζυγαρια αλλα
και στον καθρεφτη μας.
Δεν προκειται απλως για τη φορμα του σωματος αλλα και για την κακη εικονα
του δερματος, των μαλλιων, των νυχιων.
Οταν ο οργανισμος δεν ενυδατωνεται ιδιαιτερα τους καλοκαιρινους μηνες,
δεν προσλαμβανει τα απαραιτητα ιχνοστοιχεια, τις βιταμινες που χρειαζεται
τοτε ολα σιγα, σιγα  αποδομουνται.
Ενα λοιπον απο τα πλεον διασημα τροφιμα ειναι ο σολωμος, μια πηγη
πολυακορεστων ω-3 λιπαρων οξεων.
Προτεινεται απο διασημους δερματολογους ως ευεργετικη τροφη για την υγεια του δερματος.
Επισεις οι πηγες πρωτεινων χωρις λιπαρα ( ψαρι, κοτοπουλο, απαχο τυρι κλπ ), συστηνονται καθως περιεχουν τα απαραιτητα αμινοξεα για τη συνθεση του κολλαγονου και της ελαστινης.
Η περιβοητη ομαδα των κοκκινων ( φρουτων κυριως ) εξαιτιας των ανθοκυανων που περιεχουν.
Ειναι τα αντιοξειδωτικα του οργανισμου, εξουδετερωνουν τις ελευθερες ριζες που
συμβαλλουν στη γηρανση του δερματος.

High-protein diets: Bad for the middle-aged, good for the elderly

March 4, 2014 | By Melissa Healy  Los Angeles Times

Consuming high levels of protein – particularly animal protein – is a bad strategy if you’re at midlife and aiming to live into old age, new research finds. But a study out Tuesday reveals that in older age, fortifying one’s diet with more protein-rich foods appears to be a formula for extending life. An article published in the journal Cell Metabolism says that, over an 18-year study period, middle-aged Americans who had the highest consumption of protein were more than four times as likely to die of cancer or diabetes, and twice as likely to die of any cause, than those whose diets were lowest in protein.


– Food must be delight
– We should eat with calm, our meal should last at least 1/2 hour
– Avoid fast food or eating on the road
– Choose carefully the food stuff you buy
– Don’t skip any meal
– Consumes a small amount of fats and oils
– Watch out the hidden fat in meat, dairy and bakery
– Cut down on sweets and drinks containing sugar and alcohol
– Increase physical activity


– Drink 2-3 lit water every day
– Choose meals that you like
– Don’t miss meals
– Food allowed and has to be pleasant
– Prefer whole wheat products
– Feel free to use herbs and spices( parslay, dill, mint,
   pepper, oregano).
– You can also use onion, garlic, red peppers.
– Try to have your meals full of colour and taste,
   use lettuce for green, tomato for red, carrots etc.


After i was working with 10.000 people ( the number is huge but true),
i don’t like the word DIET for sure.
Everything is about training not deprivation.
Losing weight is more easy than you think.
It needs willingness and discipline.
Eat simple but light.


The Sun give us vitamine D but also he could be very dangerous,
so please watch out with your suntan.
We need him but don’t overdo it.
Always use sun lotion with high protection.
It’s not a joke.
The sun’s smiling face there is only in fairy tales.
Don’t expose your body and face for a long time.