Inaugurating the new section, the aim is to cover the need for daily healthy meals. Which – why not can help us lose excess pounds, while creating meals for the whole family.

The issues usually arise is that each of us has a different routine and different knowledge of cooking. So we should address each group separately.

First of all there are people who do not know basic things about cooking. So completely start from scratch. There are those who have the knowledge but not the time of preparation.

But we all have the need to eat every day. So many times this leads us to the easy and perhaps practical option of fast-food. Logical choice, considering the lack of time.

So it follows the issue of uncontrolled ingredients of our meals.
Means sugar, preservatives, fat, salt, etc.

We can not control the quality and this is not any good if we are going to give this food to children. Also on a daily basis it is not at all economical.

Would not it be ideal if both the daily meal can help your body to lose excess weight?

No need to prepare special food, no need to count calories, just wants to learn to use the right ingredients in the right way.

Moreover, the taste has nothing to do with calories. There are wonderfully tasty meals that are light.

Organization: This is the “magic” word.
Initially we should organize shopping week in such a way as to meet the needs of our meals.

So simple, so effective.

It works for me, hope for you too if you follow!

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